Meukow V.S.O.P. Superior Cognac 700ml
金豹V.S.O.P. 干邑 700ml


酒精度: 40%

酒評: 優雅琥珀黃色澤。香味濃鬱,帶蜜糖及白桃味。充滿核桃及榛子芳香。單寧圓潤,淡淡辛辣感。

The Meukow House was founded in the 19th century. In 1850,

Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, two brothers from Silesia, were

sent to France by Tsar Alexander II of Russia with orders to secure the

supply of cognac for the Court. After several voyages, they decided to set up

a commercial office in the town of Cognac and founded the A.C. MEUKOW &

Co. House on 1 August 1862.

In 1979, Meukow became part of the Compagnie de Guyenne family

owned and independent group, founded in 1969 by Michel Coste. Since that

time Meukow Cognacs continued to beef up and develop their range. Meukow is now distributed in more than

80 countries.

The expertise and expression of the Cellar Master are fully revealed at the time of blending. This delicate

art requires both experience and intuition, and consists of blending different eaux-de-vie of different ages in

order to obtain a harmonious and aromatic nectar. To guarantee the inimitable Meukow style, Anne Sarteaux

mainly uses Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne Cognacs, which are notable for the rich complexity of

their floral notes, as well as Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Borderies, which provide fruity aromas and woody

qualities that will bring a perfect balance to the blend.

Meukow House 成立於19 世紀。 1850 年,來自西里西亞的兩兄弟奧古斯特 - 克里斯托夫和古斯塔夫·穆科

(Gustav Meukow)被俄羅斯沙皇亞歷山大二世送往法國,並下令為法院提供干邑白蘭地。經過幾次航行,他們決定在

干邑鎮設立商業辦公室,並於1862 年8 月1 日成立了A.C. MEUKOW&Co. House。1979 年,Meukow 成為Compagnie

de Guyenne 家族擁有和獨立集團的一部分,由Michel Coste 於1969 年創立。從那時起, Meukow 干邑繼續加強和發

展他們的產品系列。 Meukow 現在分佈在80 多個國家。在混合時,酒窖大師的專業知識和表達能夠得到充分展現。這


Meukow 風格,Anne Sarteaux 主要使用Grande Champagne 和Petite Champagne Cognacs,它們以其花香元素的豐富複

雜性而聞名,還有Fins Bois,Bons Bois 和Borderies,它們提供水果香氣和木質特質。為混合物帶來完美平衡。

Meukow V.S.O.P. Superior Cognac

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