ALCOHOL - 59% 

VOLUME - 500ml 

BOTANICALS - Yamato Tachibana (mandarin like citrus), Yamato Touki (Japanese Angelica), Juniper Berries 


The Tachibana peels are soaked together with the Touki flowers and leaves in a rice based spirit before distillation. More Tachibana are then infused through vapor distillation, preserving their distinct taste and aromas. 


Pleasant aromas of fresh oranges with a slight bitterness and powerful, spicy notes of juniper. The taste is very layered with flavors of mandarin and lemon hitting the palate with a spicy kick before leaving a deep, lingering taste of juniper with smooth and rich notes of toasted nuts.



The Yucho Shuzo Sake brewery was established in 1719 in Nara, widely recognized as Sake's birth place. Under the stewardship of Yoshihiko Yamamoto, the 13th generation of the Yamamoto family to run the brewery, they have seen breakout success with their unfiltered and slightly carbonated Kaze no Mori line while their older Takacho brand is restrained and classic, true to the sake tradition. They draw uniquely mineral-rich water from their own well, which gives all their sake a bold and defined structure. 


Emblematic of the new energy running through breweries based in Nara, Mr. Yamamoto set-up the Yamato Distillery after he discovered a new passion for gin. Because the region is known as the end stop of the ancient Silk road, he focused on using emblematic botanicals from the region to showcase its rich history. Yamato Tachibana, the oldest citrus fruit in Japan, and Yamato Touki, a traditional herbal medicine, were combined with Juniper Berries to produce the truly exceptional Kikka Gin. They've been selling out each batch since their first release in September 2018.

Kikka Gin