Araside Whisky, distilled in a world-known Japanese distillery in Chichibu-shi, Saitama. After the whisky wasmade, it was transferred to Scotland once to mature invintage cask. This Araside Whisky was matured in a Ex-Glenrothes 1970 cask for 7 years, which is relativelylong-aged comparing to whisky from the same distillery.Bottled at 55.0% as an undiluted single cask whisky, with304 bottles in total.Quite a special one to whisky from the same distillery,and it is a good way to experience how Japanese whiskyis when maturing in different country.


Tasting Note

A fresh nosing with hints ofoak, cinnamon and pear, andit comes with a bomb ofsweetness and a bit of oakyon palate. It ends with awoody, and tea-like finish.


Alc%: 55%


Araside Single Cask Whisky (with box)